To everything turn, turn, turn… a time for every purpose under heaven….

Anyone who has any sense of coolness and hipness recognizes the words of this classic 1970’s song by the Byrds. The electric twelve-string played by Roger McGuinn is timeless. If you are hip and also really old too, then you will know this was written and first sung by Pete Seeger. In fact, I just listened to Pete and Judy Collins do a duet from 1966! Beautiful!

So, the song was taken from the Book of Ecclesiastes written by none other than King Solomon as he tried to make sense of his life and the world… I think he was seriously depressed as in another verse he lamented that “everything is meaningless and a chasing after the wind…”  Solomon needed a good dose of Jesus!

Some people may say this is irrelevant to our time and age but check this out! There is a time for everything under heaven including putting a new roof on your house, or having it painted or a new heating and air system. There are times that are good and times that are not so good. If you are needing a new HVAC system, then it is not a good time during late spring and summer as you will pay top dollar. When It’s 100 degrees in Middle Georgia and your air conditioning conks out then the HVAC guys have us by the short hairs! Just fix my AC…I will pay anything!… But if you can wait or are the type that plans ahead then the best time to replace your AC system is between Thanksgiving and February 1st.  The dead time!

Anyone who is in the construction or even the real estate business knows about this time period. Christmas is coming and no one is spending money on Roofs, HVAC or remodeling…or for that matter home inspections! Every year for the last 43 years I wonder if our phone line has broken because the phone calls are few and far between and every year things start picking up again in later January or February.

Look at it from the perspective of the remodeling contractor. He doesn’t want to lose his handpicked and talented crew because of no business so he is likely to give you a great deal if you will just schedule the work for the dead time. It really doesn’t matter what construction industry, all will drastically slow down. It’s probably the same situation for elective surgeries…book them for early December or late January,  hmmmm.

A word to the wise however, you don’t want to schedule outdoor painting for this time as the paint literally won’t dry properly. The water base in acrylic and latex paint will crystalize as it freezes and then fail to develop the proper membrane ultimately causing your new paint to start peeling off years sooner. To prove the point, you can take a wet paintbrush that still has paint in it, put it in the freezer and months later when you slowly let it warm up you can use it again…paint just won’t dry and the manufacturers tell you not to paint if the temperatures are going to be dropping below 50 degrees. So don’t paint your house in Mid-winter unless you are only painting inside. By the way, painters are slow during that time too and you can get a good deal, particularly since it is sooo comfy painting in a toasty warm house.

So, check out the season for having your home repaired or remodeled. “there is a time for every purpose under heaven” Ecc 3:1. Yes even a time for getting a good deal on fixing up the house.

Ned Dominick has been inspecting homes in Macon, Warner Robins and Middle Georgia since 1978. He and his qualified inspectors have examined over 30,000 local homes. For more go to his website at or email Ned at


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